We’re experts in brand identity, all things digital, investor-related products and IR feeds, web design and programming, print & video production and many other services you may need. Our capable herd will deliver high-quality brand materials for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.


We offer proprietary, multi‐function IR websites that communicate your stock price, news and pertinent financial information to current and potential stakeholders in a seamless, efficient, and fully ADA and SEC compliant website module. Our IR website solution integrates seamlessly into your current website and far surpasses the current design elements and features currently on the market.


With over 20 years of ad agency experience, we understand the importance of consistency and hi-quality design. While we have worked on both hi-profile brands and start-ups alike, we can be counted on to produce work which presents your brand in its best possible light. All our IR sites use responsive design and acts as an extension of your current site. If you need a new corporate website, we can help you with that, too.

As important as the design, aesthetics, and technology behind our IR websites, is the thought process that goes into what to put where. We can help.


These days websites are the most important selling tool a company has.The very first place consumers go when they hear about a business is to the web. Think about it. You do it yourself, don’t you? Websites are more than just “super brochures,” too. They are lively selling tools and places where a company can interact with prospects and customers. They disseminate information, engender goodwill, allow customers to order products and services and give you feedback. A great website is a huge asset. LimeGoat’s expert creative direction will have your company looking like one of the “big guys” without a big guy budget! LimeGoat has expertise in all aspects of web design and programming including PHP, Javascript, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Flash, MYSQL and many CMS options, like Joomla, WordPress, Expression Engine, Cold Fusion, Magento and most others. We’ll talk to you (in English!) about your needs prior to moving forward with design exploration. Certain codes are great for design but bad for search engine efficacy and vice versus. We always strike the perfect balance to give you the best of both worlds.


Have a lot to say and tell the world but it keeps coming off looking like your a sheep in goat’s clothing? Well, we know presentations. Give us your PowerPoint and we’ll shine it up like a new penny (and we will try to not eat it when finished). With fresh images, graphs, and colors, your new style that you present to the world will have you wondering why you didn’t call us sooner.


Successful companies know the importance to have some sort of tangible “collateral material” to present to potential customers. Whether you send it in the mail or just have something to give people to take with them, it needs to look as professional as possible and convey your story in a compelling way. Whether you need a glossy, multi-page, large format brochure, a newspaper or magazine ad, or a small tri-fold handout, LimeGoat is your resource. We have the talent, expertise and professional quality printing sources that can deliver big or small print projects for less than you imagine with design that will stand up to any competition. Our creative direction and implementation process leads to a quality product – it is the way it is done in large ad agencies for clients with much larger budgets. These are companies whose brands are all important to them. Your own image can work as hard for you as the big ones work for their brands – if you have the right stuff.


Many restaurants are moving away from static, printed menu boards and into animated digital menu boards. And, with companies like Samsung offering ever more impressive commercial displays at ever more affordable prices, it is a trend that is only picking up steam. Contact us today to learn more about adding colorful video menu boards to your restaurant.


Brands are obviously important to big companies and they invest millions into them. But they are just as important to smaller companies. Brands differentiate one company from another. They engender trust on the part of customers and clients. They cause customers to prefer one company over another. Perhaps the most important aspect of a company is its brand presentation. Brand identity – logos, trademarks, formats and graphic standards – encapsulates who you are and what you stand for before you can get a word out. An arresting, high-quality, professionally designed logo speaks for you, perhaps more eloquently than you can for yourself. LimeGoat’s expert designers and creative direction can portray who you are, what you do and why you do it better than anyone else. The purpose of a brand is to stop prospects in their tracks and make them more inclined to do business with you than with your competitors. We know that and that’s what we work for on your behalf.


If you’re already selling or thinking about selling online, Lime Goat has the expertise and design skills to get you up and running and competing with companies much larger and more capitalized than you. E-Commerce websites are incredibly important to businesses that sell products and with the general public increasingly turning to online merchants as a way to save time and money, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing all that you can to instill confidence and maximize your profits. We offer expertise in designing and implementing various e-commerce solutions including Magento, ZenCart, Presta, Shopify, WooCommerce, and OSCommerce.


With cinema-quality video production now available to the masses, video is a more feasible and appealing option than ever. We have had great success in producing low-cost, high-quality videos for both viral and commercial use. We work with most video editing software and specialize in AfterEffects, which works great for 3D and multi-dimensional effects and creates excellent, professional quality videos. It’s the same software most big-budget television spots use for effects. Let us know what you are looking for and we can come up with story boards to give you an idea of the concept prior to moving forward. From script-to-screen, LimeGoat will produce, direct and edit vivid and professional quality video for any application.


We can help with everything from storefront design, signage, furniture sourcing, and complete interior design. Ask for some samples from other clients!


You can get a very professional and creative website and still have the ability to easily make changes/updates yourself. The most popular content management systems (CMS) are WordPress and Joomla, but there are others as well. We can design and implement any type of CMS you would like and give you a tutorial prior to handing it over. Let us know your needs and we can put together the perfect CMS solution for you that encompasses the best and most efficient layout for your business and your needs.