We’ve seen many changes in the business model over the years but lately, with the shift from more traditional advertising outlets like newspapers over to web-based media, it has opened the door for many smaller businesses to be on a more level playing field with the big guys. Our goal is to portray your brand as one of those big guys.

Goats are frugal. Ever see a goat blowing a small fortune at Nordstrom? I didn’t think so. We goats have a saying: “A penny saved is a penny you can eat later.” That’s why you can count on LimeGoat to deliver marketing materials, logos, ads and websites that look like they came from a big ad agency for a fraction of a big ad agency’s prices.

Here is what we do. Take a look around and see if you like what you see. All of the work that you see here was done for a fraction of the cost of what traditional advertising agencies would charge. We aren’t cheap, we’re inexpensive!
We think we’re pretty good at the kinds of things you’re most likely to need: websites, video production and editing, branding, banner advertising, print, collateral and the like.

If you know exactly what you need, we’re ready to deliver. If you’re not sure, we can help you strategize a program to achieve your goals.
It’s true. We’re goats. But, we’re really talented goats. We’re experts in visual brand identity, interactive design, website programming, print and video production and whatever else you might need. Our capable herd will deliver high-quality, professionally-produced brand materials for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.
At Lime Goat, we’ve consolidated the process and made it easy for start-ups, existing companies seeking a makeover or to spend less and upgrade their quality of work, to get everything they need to expose their brands effectively, in one stop.
We offer the highest quality of design work. Compare our work to the competition (and much larger ad agencies) and you’ll see that it stands out in a crowded industry. In fact, we also act as the creative workforce (behind the scenes) for other ad agencies, who come to us for their design and programming work. Unlike other businesses, graphic design and creative thinking is not a commodity, rather a rare skill.