These days websites are the most important selling tool a company has.
The very first place consumers go when they hear about a business is to the web. Think about it. You do it yourself, don’t you?
Websites are more than just “super brochures,” too. They are lively selling tools and places where a company can interact with prospects and customers. They disseminate information, engender goodwill, allow customers to order products and services and give you feedback. A great website is a huge asset.
LimeGoat’s expert creative direction will have your company looking like one of the “big guys” without a big guy budget!
LimeGoat has expertise in all aspects of web design and programming including Flash, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL and many CMS options, like Joomla, Wordpress, Expression Engine, Cold Fusion, Magento and most others. We’ll talk to you (in English!) about your needs prior to moving forward with design exploration. Certain codes are great for design but bad for search engine efficacy and vice versus. We always strike the perfect balance to give you the best of both worlds.